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I offer fun and varied walks rain or shine,  towelling your dog dry if wet from river or rain and making sure their water bowl is always topped up. I now have a comfortable air conditioned van with crash tested individual crates to keep your pets safe as possible when transporting them to their walk. Whether its a  group walk or solo walk you can be assured your dog is  in safe hands and if you like I can send you pictures and updates of the fun adventures they have. Please book a no obligation free consultation.

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Group Walk

Group walks are great for socializing your dog and there is always plenty of fun and games to be had. Group walks are suited to fairly well behaved dogs to ensure the safety and enjoyable experience for all. I tend not walk more than five dogs at a time and often the groups are much smaller.

1hr Walk- £15

Shorter walks negotional

(2nd dog half price. Discounts for more than 4 walks per week)

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Solo Walk

I will always make your dogs first walk a solo walk at no extra cost to help me and the dog to get to know each other.  Solo walks are great for dogs that need more personalised attention, training or if they have trouble getting on with other dogs.  

1hr walk - £20

£16 for half hour walk

(Discount for more than 4 walks per week)

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