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Dog Grooming


Get Ready to pamper your pet

Not only will your dog enjoy a soothing body and head massage using natural oatmeal and honey shampoo, they will be dried with quieter blast dryers, have covers to protect their ears and relaxing doggy music will be played during their visit.  Your dog will not only feel happy and relaxed they will come back smelling and looking gorgeous too.


The Salon

The salon is small and relaxed with a calm environment to help your dog to feel at ease. No more than two dogs are in at a time and are never caged.  Your dog will also have access to a secure garden to stretch their legs or toilet if needed. I have joined forces with Cathrine at Doggy Ventures where I work from her salon on Clay Bottom BS5,


Full Groom

A full groom consists of a pre-groom, bath and blow dry, nail clipping, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and plucking and full body styling.  I also offer a bath, brush and blow dry service which is perfect for in between grooms. For dry and cracked paws I offer oat meal paw butter and for dry tangled coats I will add deep conditioning treatment at no extra cost. See an idea of prices below.

Grooming: Services


Prices vary depending on the size of your dog and the condition of their coat. 

Small dog

(Jack Rustle, Pug, Shih tzu)

Full Groom

Smooth coat                         Long coat

£25                                            £35-45

Bath blow dry and brush

£20                                        £25-£35

Medium dog

(Beagle, spaniel, cockapoo)

Full Groom

Smooth coat                        Long coat

£35                                     £42-48

Bath blow dry and brush

£25                                         £30-35

Large dog

(Dalmation, Lab, Collie)

Full Groom

Smooth coat                     Long coat

£37                                  £46-65

Bath blow dry and brush

£30                                    £35-40

Giant dog

(Newfoundland, Great Dane)

Full Groom

Smooth coat                       Long coat

£40                                    £60-65

Bath blow dry and brush

£35                                    £40-50

Puppy Groom    £25


Perfect for introducing your puppy to grooming. Bath, brush through, gentle blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy if needed and nail clip

5% off grooming prices for x2 dogs from one family

Please note:

Dogs with matting may be subject to a £7- £14 de-matting fee as this can be a timely and difficult procedure. This can be sometimes be agreed upon inspection of the dog beforehand or during the groom. 

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